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Growing in Faith

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Growing in Faith

(by Overseer Scott Whitwamchurch ministry association)

It’s not often that I take time to write for the Church Ministry Association (CMA) blog. However today I felt led to do so. There are many challenges that we face in life, not just the ministry but each one of us on a daily basis. The challenge to keep our conversation right James 3:1-13; the challenge to consider others before ourselves Mathew 22:39-40; the challenge to be a person of faith Hebrews 11:6; the challenge to stand on what God has promised Ephesians 6:10-20; and the challenge to continually confess the Word and believe Gods promise Mark 11:22-24.

Our responses to these challenges are at the heart of our ability to overcome them. I believe that freewill is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given to mankind. It separates us from Angels and gives us the ability to choose life or death Deuteronomy 30:19 it gave Adam and Eve the choice between divine fellowship and separation from God and it gives us the freedom to choose to do good or do evil. It was the freewill choice that Jesus made that reconciled man to our Father. It is our freewill choice that determines whether we receive the gift of God or not Romans 6:23.

When I was a young Christian I wondered why all the promises of God didn’t fall on me like ripe cherries from o cherry tree. The Word says that God would supply all my needs! I knew that there were spirit filled believers who had the ability to provide the finances I needed but NONE did. I continued to pray, confess and believe and wait with patience… because through faith and patience Abraham inherited the promise. Looking back I have realized that one of the things that has made me grow in faith is just that experience. Had well meaning Christians seeing my need paid my bills, bought my food or financed my ministry, it would have ruined me. You may say – what? That’s right, if I didn’t have to believe God for my needs I would have looked to MAN every time I had a need and not to God. Now the blessing of the Lord has always come through man in some way for my wife and I: business deal, work or somebody listening to the Holy Spirit and doing what they were told. I have had people who the Lord has led to give money for missions, the poor and the congregation.

Through this I learned a valuable lesson. Listen to the Holy Spirit in your giving and don’t be taken by a smooth talking, well meaning individual and don’t give because of need. See use to think incorrectly that Galatians 6:10 and James 4:17 said that I was to financially help those less fortunate than me. But it doesn’t say that, it say “do good” and doing good is teaching men to live by faith in God not me. Don’t get me wrong, we help financially in many parts of the world including the US but I never respond to pleas based on someone’s need, rather I respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the commitments made because of Him.

Overseer Scott Whitwam
Church Ministry Association

Let God Arise

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Let God Arise
(Written by Pastor Kevin Haislip and re-printed with permission by 2 Timothy 4:5. Pastor Haislip is a CMA Affiliate)

Your congregation dwelt in it;
You, O God, provided from Your goodness for the poor.
Psalms 68: 10  (NKJV)

David begins his song to the Lord, “Let God arise…”
Can there be anything greater for God’s people and congregation to dwell in but to raise up the name of God in our praises? 
He delivers us from our enemies.  He cares for the fatherless, and sets the solitary in families.  He defends the widow.  He frees those who are bound and brings them into prosperity.  He sends the plentiful rain for those who are weary.  And from His goodness, He provides for the poor.
Blessed be the Lord,
Who daily loads us with benefits,
The God of our salvation!  Selah  
Are you weary and overwhelmed?  Sing praises to God.  He will give you strength and bring you through.
Are you oppressed and weighed down with many concerns?  Sing praises to God.  He who rides on the clouds which were of old will set you free and give you sanctuary.
Are you alone?  Do you need today’s bread?  Sing!  Sing praises to God!  He will bring you out, and set you amongst His people.  He will bring you out and give you a name, and provide for you.
“From your goodness…” rejoices David of God. 
O God, You are more awesome than Your holy places.
The God of Israel is He who gives strength and power to His people.

Written by:
Pastor Kevin Haislip
Waxahachie TX
2 Timothy 4:5 CMA